Copy of Carl Emil Carlsen & Søren Lyngsø

Carl Emil Carlsen & Søren Lyngsø

Synaesthetic Experiment, 2014

'Synaesthetic Experiment' was created live during DIAS Lounge in September 2014 when the two artists Carl Emil Carlsen (visual) and Søren Lyngsø (sound) challenged each other and made the image auditive and sound visual. This video documents a synthesis instrument that was created in a brief experimental collaboration between audiovisual artists Søren Lyngsø Knudsen and Carl Emil Carlsen. The intention was to explore what happens when auditive and visual material is treated with equal importance in the creative process, developed in parallel, from scratch. We ended up with an instrument that sends event data from a simulation that gives rise to both visual and auditive expressions. Max/MSP programming and improvisation by Søren Lyngsø Knudsen. Unity programming and video editing by Carl Emil Carlsen. The project was realised with support from Digital Interactive Art Space.