Copy of Cloud Computing

Jacob Remin, Cloud Computing, 2016

Jacob Remin, Cloud Computing, 2016

Cloud Computing

From 21.04 – 12.06.16
Jacob Remin

Within a few years, “the cloud” has become a permanent concept and component of our digital reality and way of life. Everything can be put the cloud and downloaded when we need it. Of course, the cloud is only that; a conceptual picture: throwing something up in the cloud means specifically that we through the Internet transmit data to servers that are physically located somewhere in the world. The cloud is, in other words, very material. Seen in this light, our use of the expression “cloud” points to need to flesh out something intangible. In the shadow of the cloud metaphor  we upload files, knowledge, and in many cases confidential data – and important elements of our identity is turned into something “out there”.

Cloud Computing is a comprehensive site-specific exhibition that identifies embedded ambiguities in the digital universe. A special focus is materiality in the digital. While our reality and life is steeped in the digital – from the simplest everyday things to sophisticated technological innovations – the digital is strangely abstract. We can not point to an actual identity or core, but only on technologies, on the machinery that conveys the digital to us. And, if we turn our attention to the machines, their identity and the design is very much tied to geological materials – for the minerals to be extracted to construct components for computers.

In the exhibition, Danish artist Jacob Remin (b. 1977) identifies facets of exchange between materiality (earth elements and man) and the digital. How does the digital feel, when does the digital have a physical impact on us and how is materiality expressed? Based on these questions, the exhibition is also a reflection on “the cloud” and materiality of “big data”.

Cloud Computing consists entirely of newly commissioned works, and the exhibition spans several media: audio works, physical objects and video projections. Jacob Remin has developed the sound pieces in collaboration with Runar Magnusson (is).

In connection with the exhibition, DIAS presents the  first edition of DIAS post – a series of publications, which collects and disseminates knowledge about digital, media-based art.

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and Bikubenfonden.

Cloud Computing is part of the work with DIAS Urban Collection – a collection which Jacob Remin is part of.