Copy of Cristina Picchi

Cristina Picchi, Eyes On the Ground + It Never Happened

Video, 03:00 + 04:05 min, 2012 



'Eyes On The Ground' is a video documentary of five people watching the film 'Sri Lanka's Killing Fields' for the first time. 'Sri Lanka's Killing Fields' begins with a warning that the movie contains shocking images. And it really does. The film is made with an idea of pproaching the possibility of some kind of justice. As observers of the work, we are observers in the 4th part; Camera - viewer - camera - us. The actual events have been removed for our eyes, but we are still affected by the scenes. Film is a powerful medium to awaken feelings, and here is the mindset and the influence of others enough to move us. The video addresses the hard human feelings and recognition processes that everyone can experience just by watching a movie. Here we see how machinery is used as a means of communication and the effect it has on human beings.  If you have the courage, you can see extracts from the documentary below. Man's more horrible sides are displayed and we warn against strong images.