The cycling route

cycling route

A group of young people from USKIK have in collaboration with DIAS, made a cycling route connecting the six art satellites. Along the route you can experience a lot of art that is already placed around in the landscape. It may be a little long trip to take on once, so we have made som suggestions for shorter routes as well. 



Selfies taken in front of Oskar Jakobsens outer piece, Space.

Inside the satellite you will find Fred Sapey-Triomphes Hyperchromalux.



In Rødovre you can find sculptures by Poul Isbak. This pice is called Cellphone made out of granite, 2006. 

How does your phone look like today?

Skærmbillede 2017-09-08 kl. 18.45.56.png

The route is made in google maps, so you can bring it on your journey. On the map you will find an overview of the art pieces and where they are placed. The map is right here