Copy of Dialogue with 02.205

Christian Brems, Dialogue with 02.205

Video, 08:21 min, 2016

Dialogue with 02.205 is an artistic-scientific videowork that speculatively investigates recent findings in the field of bio-acoustics; the branch of science concerned with sounds produced by or affecting living organisms, especially as relating to communication.


The research has shown that plants are able to receptively detect and react to the purely acoustic sounds of running water by moving its roots towards it. For the tree 02.205, a hydro-phonic 'alphabet' (speech of the computer) has been created by putting together samples of running water sounds that the plant can then receptively listen to.


Further research has found that plant roots emit irregular high frequency clicking sounds, UAE’s (Ultrasonic acoustic emissions), in the humanly inaudible sonic range between 20-300 kHz. The clicking sounds in the videowork (speech of the tree) are actual ultrasonic recordings made on the roots of the tree. These clicks have then been down-sampled into the human range of hearing below 20 kHz.