Copy of DIAS Lab: In Unknown Territory


DIAS Lab: In Unknown Territory

The field of digital art in Denmark is growing.

The innovation rate is high and the results – such as great artworks and new research – are manifest. The DIAS Lab exhibition series supports and is part of this process.

DIAS Lab: In Unknown Territory supports young talents. A group of talented students from the IT University of Copenhagen has created the pieces in the exhibition. All works are developed specifically to DIAS and have taken the DIAS-exhibition-platform as the explicit point of departure. In this way the exhibition is completely site specific, and the aim is for the art to engage the audience at DIAS in an intense dialogue.



Heidi Mønnike Jørgensen, Sebastian Hølt Bak, Louise Jensen, Rine Maria Rodin Flyckt, Pia Labarrera Mønsted, Mathilde Lykke Nielsen, Liselotte Gellert Christensen, Irina Korkina Strømskov, Margret Unnur Ploder, Michelle Sascha Czajkowski Aakerberg, Lisbeth Juhl Pedersen, Nina Rask, Tilde Rønne-Christensen, Jette Stampe Forstholm, Olivia Trine Skjerk Frankel, Hans Peter Auken Beck, Morten Winther Larsen, Anne Mette Jensen, Arianna Pioppi, Nina Mørch Pedersen