Copy of DIAS Lab: Too Unstable

DIAS Lab: Too Unstable

From 25.09 – 19. 10 2014


We have a tendency to forget how technology affects our everyday life but when technology suddenly breaks down everyone becomes aware.

Most people do not think about the network systems that makes the world go round until their train is late. Neither do we question the media’s power structures unless an error in their system affects us personally. Meanwhile, there seems to be a paradox when it comes to this technology: in some cases, the technology is so visible that it becomes invisible (unnoticeable) and in other cases, it seems impossible to find data and uncover the underlying systems. By revealing flaws in the system, the exhibition tries to uncover the actual instability of technology and the imperfection that hides under the surface.

The exhibition offers a peek into the unstable interfaces, and invites people to witness a process where the invisible/abstract suddenly becomes visible/palpable.

The aim for this exhibition is to pave the way for dialogue as well as critique to emerge in the public space that technology affects so greatly.   

Too Unstable is created in collaboration between ITU and DIAS.