Copy of ELECTION Exhibition

Wayne Siegel, Drowning, Burning, 2010-2015

Wayne Siegel, Drowning, Burning, 2010-2015

ELECTION: Exhibition
- some of the most popular pieces shown at DIAS.

We have had a poll on DIAS’ Facebook-page as well as in Vallensbæk Kultur- & Borgerhus in August – 10 works were the candidates. Both Danish and international artists are represented, and the pieces show depth in content and exciting artistic execution. The boundary between the digital and the ‘real’ world is blurred and you are invited to participate.


Artists and works:

Mogens Jacobsen (dk): Probalistic Dice Roll (2015)
Patrick Bergeron (ca): LoopLoop (2008)

Wayne Siegel (dk/us): Drowning/Burning (2010-2015)

Lars Arrhenius (se): The Big Store (2008)

Chris Sugrue (us): Delicate Boundaries (2007)

Jacob Tækker (dk): Parking Lot Limbo (2006)