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DIAS - digital art in public space

 Still from Karin Ferraris 'Decoding Lady Gaga's  Bad Romance  (The Whole Truth), 2011/16 

Still from Karin Ferraris 'Decoding Lady Gaga's Bad Romance (The Whole Truth), 2011/16 


DIAS and Arken have reached stage two in the collaboration.  DIAS' unique platform brings new possibilities for the exhibitions, bringing them to life in the middle of your everyday routine. 

This time, DIAS interprets the exhibition theme MyMusic in a new framework. The exhibition illustrates how music and visual arts support and challenge each other. At DIAS you will experience how the two merge into new meanings. You will experience works by Sidse Carstens, Karin Ferrari, Jesper Just and Oskar Koliander.
Remember that the exhibition is free and open 24 hours a day - as always. MyMusic opens on DIAS on December 1st.

On the occasion of the exhibition, DIAS invites a special music live event at Nørrebro. We will launch our new platform at Videomøllen, where you will be able to watch digital works in the open space every Thursday. We're kicking it up with the live duo for choirs and computers and a whole new piece of ORAUM, created specifically for DIAS' and Videomøllens special platform.
It will take place on December 14th from 5 - 7 pm at Videomøllen, the square at Sankt Hans Gade 10, Kbh. You will also be able to meet ORAUM and DIAS over a glass of glögg. We are looking forward to seeing you!


New work by SUPERFLEX commissioned by DIAS

SUPERFLEX is now showing a brand new piece at Vallensbæk Station. The work ‘Den Grønne Ø i det Røde Hav’ (‘The Green Island in the Red Ocean’) is a narrative story based on Vallensbæk, and deals with a fictional strategy about robot’s rights that SUPERFLEX imagines was set afloat by Vallensbæk Municipality back in the 1960’s. 

The premise of this exhibition is thus to look into the future by looking back into the past. 


The exhibition is part of ‘The Machinery Series’ that has the machine as its focus of attention. In this work, by making us reflect upon the robots inhabiting the planet and the rights for those to come.