Copy of Hacking Urban Reality #2 - Super Dansk Fantasi

Hacking Urban Reality #2 - Super dansk fantasi

From den 19.09.16 – 16.10.16
MG Pringgotono, Julia Sarisetiati og Ari Dina Krestiawan


In The Hacking Urban Reality Series, DIAS focuses on the exchanges between society and art. What happens when DIAS lets go of control and exposes itself in order to be “hacked” by new artistic practices?

Hacking Urban Reality #2 portrays three artists’ journeys through the Danish system. Their goal is to examine how critical, site-specific and thorough an art practice can be in the urban space, when the artistic practices offer different views on the artistic field. A hack is an artistic act with a direct reference to the hackers from the computer world. The process is based on research, technical ability and knowledge. By breaking, obliterating and modifying codes, the artists create a situation where new meaning and knowledge are generated. As part of the project, the artists chose to live in Denmark for a while to obtain knowledge and create new codes.

MG Pringgotono, Julia Sarisetiati and Ari Dina Krestiawan wish to create their hack in direct extension of a line of workshops held at public schools in different parts of Denmark. The Indonesian artists want to pave the way for a dialogue between their artistic practices and Denmark’s well-established school system.

Super dansk fantasi – performance. October 13th, 4-6 pm.

The hack can take different shapes and sizes and DIAS has no control of the outcome. However, it will be possible to experience the performance “Super dansk fantasi” between 4 and 6 pm.

Hacking as an artistic strategy

The project is developed with the aim to offer a non-western view on the Danish system. This point of view will be manifested as a series of site- and context-specific hacks that collectively forms the exhibition. By using the term “hack”, the exhibition aims towards an artistic format where art intervenes, reinterprets, turns systems upside down and subverts established logic to line up new systems that incorporate chance as a guiding principle - a principle where artists act as computer hackers. Their hacks are meant as positive collisions between their point of view and the Danish reality. A hack only has a temporary life span but when our mental firewall is down, it has the potential to make changes. An artistic hack can take the shape of performance, sound, video or other site-specific ways of expressing art.

Both curators and artists represent ‘systems’ and practices different from the Danish, which is crucial for their artwork. Their productions and even their way of thinking about art and exhibitions stands out due to a focus on process. The usual conception of “artwork” has been replaced in favor of their wish to create expressions and processes focusing on dialogue with the society. Hence, their projects are often inextricably connected to the knowledge and inputs they get from the citizens/audience on-site.

Genereal concept of The Hacking Urban Reality Series: Rasmus Vestergaard
Curator Hacking Urban Reality #2: Ade Darmawan
Head of Communication: Julie Tvillinggaard Bonde
Exhibition Technician: Christian Riis Sørensen

The Hacking Urban Reality Series – a part of Images 16


During Images 2016 nearly 100 artists from Africa, Asia and the Middle East puts the spotlight on global challenges and the artists role in society in 21 Danish art institutions. Behind Images 2016 is CKU, Center for Kultur og Udvikling, and the support and collaboration with CKU is imperative in DIAS realizing The Hacking Urban Reality Series.


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