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Human/Machine - Machine/Human

From 16. februar - 5. april 2017
Cristina Picchi (it), Jesper Carlsen (dk), Matt Kenyon (us), Mikkel Meyer (dk), Sune Petersen (dk), Wayne Siegel (dk/us)

Today, computer, smartphones, smartwatches and tablets exceed the role of a device as purely functional. The little machines have become a part of us, and we enter into a direct relation that sometimes comes close to an equal relationship. For this exhibition, the artists have been asked to present a work that expresses their relationship to the machine, including a work that will portray themselves seen through the eyes of the machine. You can see parts of the exhibition on this page, as Christina Picchi’s work contains strong images not appropriate for the station.
Communication of opinions, knowledge and meanings is to a great extent a product of the exchange between human and machine. Our daily inputs are by far a result of our use of machines such as TV, computers, smartphones and the like. The mediated reality is in many ways the true reality. It is the reality that producers of news and knowledge choose to distribute that becomes our reality, and thus shapes our view on life. At the same time, the machine plays an increasingly greater role in the actual production of reality. Machines enable humans to create new forms of knowledge and news. Even in the actual event that becomes “news”, the machine has a central role – e.g. consider the important role of the mobile phone in rebellions across the globe just within the past few years.  

Enter the bubble at DIAS, Vallensbæk Station and experience the interactive works by Sune Petersen, Mikkel Meyer and Wayne Siegel, all of which are activated by your presence. In relation to the exhibition, Sune Petersen and Mikkel Meyer will do two live-performances that connects image and sound. Moreover, you can experience video works by Matt Kenyon and Christina Picchi, and an animation by Jesper Carlsen.

Video works by Christina Picchi

-  a part of the exhibition Human/Machine - Machine/Human is displayed on this page.

With the documentary works ’Eyes On The Ground’ and ‘It Never Happened’ by Christina Picchi, we zoom in on the machine, and the relation between human and machine as a crucial factor for our reality. Both works deal with a dark chapter in the history of Sri Lanka, and we warn you of very strong images. ‘It Never Happened’ is only accessible on this page due to the strong images.

Eyes on the Ground, 2012
Video, 03:00 min.

Courtesy of the artist
Ordered by ITN Productions for Channel 4

‘Eyes On The Ground’ is a video document­ing five people watching the movie Sri Lan­ka’s Killing Fields for the first time. Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields begins with a content warning to inform the audience of the disturbing pic­tures that will follow and they did not exag­gerate. The movie is based on a wish and as an attempt to move one small step closer to the possibility of some sort of justice.

As observers of the artwork, we are the fourth and last link in a chain of spectators: camera – audience – camera – us. We can­not see what actually happens, yet we are still affected by the scenes. Video is a media highly suited to trigger our feelings and in this case, the overall setting and other peo­ple’s reactions are enough to move us. The video deals with the heavy emotions and perceptual processes that every human can experience by simply watching a movie. We observe how machines can function as a means of communication and how it affects the individual.


It Never Happened, 2012


About Christina Picchi

Cristina Picchi (born in Lucca, 1981) is an award winning Italian filmmaker, artist and writer based in London. Her films have been screened in festivals and galleries worldwide.Her written work includes short stories and contributions to award-winning books. She holds a degree and an MA in European Literature from the University of Pisa and and a master’s degree in Screen Documentary from Goldsmiths University.

Picchi’s filmography: Zima (Experimental documentary, 11:30 min, RUS/FR, 2013), Eyes On The Ground (Documentary, 3:22, UK, 2012), Under Your Skin (Experimental documentary, 8:00 min, UK, 2011), Fragments of a Dream (Student graduation documentary, 25:00, UK/IT, 2011) and The Disassociated (Documentary, 33:00, IT, 2011).