Copy of Involuntary Resources

Involuntary Resources

From 19.03. – 07.06 2015

We love to share – online as well as offline. It is precisely the extensive sharing of online information, which is the starting point of the exhibition Involuntary Resources.

On the internet, we share everything: Ideas, knowledge, thoughts, images, video – in fact, we share our lives. Online we form and maintain relationships and networks, and somehow a consequence of our digital culture is that we are only part of the community, if we can be followed online.

The result is a huge amount of information about all of us. Few people are aware that an update on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or different blogs is registered and that a number of organizations and private firms his way can follow our comings and goings. Or that when we accept cookies and share our contacts on websites, we virtually invite anyone inside. This increases the opportunity for others to monitor our entire life considerably.

With Involuntary Resources DIAS tunes in to a mental frequency to awaken reflection. The exhibition takes no position on whether digital culture should make us paranoid or not, but instead shows a number of works, which are all based on metadata (information about the information that we have sought or granted) in online archives and in the possibilities that the web offers, since we all share for dear life. For no matter what, we are all involuntary resources in one way or another.



Daniel C. Howe (us) med Helen Nissenbaum (us) og Mushon Zer-Aviv (is)

Marnix de Nijs (nl)

Aram Bartholl (de)

Jens Kull (me)

Mikkel Meyer (dk)

Osman Khan (us)

The Office For Creative Research (int)