Copy of Jacob Remin

Cloud Residue 

Jacob Remin, 2017

13:16 minutes

The digital is ubiquitous. The reality, our lives, our bodies and society is permeated by digitality, and it is impossible for modern humans to imagine a life without being connected to the Internet.  


While the "digital" is most often described as a knowledge-based project that spreads information, the common user has long been able to understand the underlying mechanisms of their digital being and what traces they leave behind in "the cloud".  


With a primarily focus on the materiality of the digital, Jacob Remin tries to uncover some of the deeper logs behind "The Cloud", and at the same time examines the ecological consequences of our increasing use of "big data".  

Cloud Residue, 2017, is based on works and materials studies from Jabob Remin's site-specific solo exhibition 'Cloud Computing', which could be experienced at DIAS in 2015.  

Cloud Residue is filmed by Frigge Fri and the text is created algorithmically. The work is part of DIAS Urban Collection.  

You can read more about Cloud Computing in the exhibition publication by clicking on the image below.