Copy of Joachim Fleinert

Joachim Fleinert, 
Reflective Memories, 2011

Animation, no sound

Part og installation

In an attempt to understand some of the factors that are part of our consciousness when we look at images, Reflective Memories tries to restore the time about one hundred and fifty years ago, where each photograph in the work was taken. The animated video, usually run by several monitors and projectors, shows family members from bourgeois families from different regions in Denmark between the years 1890 and 1920. With Fleiner's manipulations, a glimpse of the past is restored. With few interventions that on the one hand are very discrete, though significant, it shows how only few movements with the eyes can contribute to a completely different understanding of an image.

By creating this dialogue with the past, an inevitable question arises: do we understand what we see when we look at a photograph and who is the creator of the image, of reality? Is it the photographer with his camera , is it the portrayed person who decides his snapshot or is it the eyes that see the image?