28.-30. september 2017 er DIAS at finde på ZKM - Zentrum für Kunst und Medien i Karlsruhe som medarrangør af konferencen ISACS17: RESONANT WORLDS Sound, Art & Science


Sound, Art & Science

ISACS17 (re)investigates the  intersections of sound, art and science from the perspective of artistic / creative curation.


Sound may reveal the hidden ontologies of things ‘out there’ in the ‘resonant world’, which both art and science are aiming to describe and understand. It is a field which has seen much activity within post-humanism, post-phenomenology and post-positivism. However, these discourses seem far removed from the production and practice of art, where hard choices are made and decisions taken that frame how it embody experience; as well as how it may resonate with other things that ‘exist’ in the world.


This conference seeks to enter into the grey zone(s) of where the production of that ‘resonance’ takes place, through dialogues with people working there; asking some crucial questions about when and in what way the intersections of sound, art and science ‘works out’ – is it based on subjective judgment calls, language games, contextual framings? Do works that ‘work well’ have a resonating quality (embodied, existential, cultural etc?) that we all share, or is the experience of resonance a matter of individual tastes etc?


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DIAS og Aalborg Universitet er vært ved den første EVA konference på dansk grund, der afholdes i 2018. Konferencens fokus er på digital kunst og kultur og er en del af det internationale netværk ‘Electronic Visualisation & the Arts’ (EVA). Konferencen vil samle et bredt vidensfelt indenfor området og skabe et forum for at vise hvor digital kultur bevæger sig hen.  Læs mere her