Copy of Kunst i metroen

Digital art in the metro

- DIAS is showing art in the underground during Cph Art Week

Keep an eye on the screens, floors and listen to the room when DIAS shows digital art in the Metro during the Cph Art Week, August 25 to September 3, 2017
At all times of the day you can follow Lars Arrhenius' 24-hour animation video 'Cuckoo Clock' at the stations Frederiksberg, Forum, Nørreport, Kongens Nytorv and Lergravsparken. At Frederiksberg Station you can experience Wayne Siegel's interactive sound work Drowning / Burning, transforming your movements into synthetic sound.
Jump on to the Metro on August 26 and 31 and join in Nuleinn's live performance 'Parasit'. We start from the airport at noon and 5 pm.
Also, remember to keep an eye on our additional live programme and that you can get much more digital art to your trip by visiting the 'art to go' page. 

You can read the full program for the art week HERE - find DIAS on the pages 30-31.

A huge thanks for the collaboration to SPECTA and the Metro in Copenhagen.



Lars Arrhenius: 'Cuckoo Clock', 2016
Animation, 24 hours
Images and movie, courtesy Lars Arrhenius & SPECTA


Cuckoo Clock shows a cross section of the city / metro / station where it is located. The work spans 24 hours, so you as a passenger can jump in and out of the story and follow the progress of the video on your journey.
Follow the matchstick mens many daily chores while doing your own.
The animation gives life to the station throughout the day, where we are going, working, eating, traveling, running etc. We are all part of the Cuckoo Clock
Every hour something special will happen - like in an old-fashioned cock.





Nuleinn: 'Parasit', 2017


As a part of the exhibition in the metro during Cph Art Week, the artist duo Nuleinn has made a site-specific performance' called Parasit '. You can experience it in the metro with departure from CPH Airport on Saturday 26/8 at 12 am and again on Thursday 31/8 at 5 pm.


Nuleinn combines technology and textiles to extend their bodies - in an interactive performance that detects the presence of other people in the metro. It will be a luminous, interactive performance: the meeting with other bodies highlights the daily encounters we have in public space. The train is a space in which we stand for a short period of time, are together, but often seek anonymity from each other. The title 'Parasit' refers to the way in which the performance visits its host, the metro, and changes it for a while. NULEINN will address anonymity and give travelers the opportunity to experience their journey in a new way. From the outside, the metro may be seen as a simple and sometimes uncomfortable place, filled with various smells, sounds, lights, screens and movements -  the "parasites" changes the focus and appear beautiful-  a diverse mix of different creatures present in a moving tube.



Wayne Siegel 'Drowning / Burning', 2010, 2014

Interactivesound installation


At Frederiksberg Station you will experience how your body is transformed into an instrument. Your movements create unique synthetic audio universes, and the room is perceived by the body. Get lost on your usual route in the interactive sound piece by the composer Wayne Sigel's. The artwork draws references to the Nam June Paik and the fluxus movement. The work exists in the everyday room where, by its mere presence, in the transit situation, you interact with it. The transit space is transformed by the sound that makes the viewer change his or her behavior.