Copy of ORAUM


Mark Tholander, RUM 1, 2016


The digital art work will be sent to you by letter.
The work is being broadcast regularly every month to both specific and random places.
If you wish to receive the art work, you can obtain it by sending an email with your name and address in the form at the bottom of the page.


DIAS is very happy about the cooperation with ORAUM, who describes themselves as follows:
ORAUM is an artist-driven virus cataclysm in mobile rooms. ORAUM wants to work with exhibition rooms, which offers an alternative to existing platforms. In collaboration with various artists, ORAUM will be a platform for projects and exhibitions based on the idea of obile space. Thus, ORAUM is not located in a concrete place, but will always be in motion. Sometimes ORAUM is an apparatus, other times a group, a voice or an exhibition venue. The goal is to mix artistic practice with curatorial practice, both in trying to investigate the boundary between the two, but also to dissolve the traditional roles in the art scene.

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