Presenting DIAS

From 03.04 – 10.08 2014

Presenting DIAS marks the Grand Opening of the only Danish art space for digital art. The exhibition presents a varied selection of works and genres from the digital arts field. The exhibition is, as such, a taste of the artistic universe that DIAS opens up.

At the same time presenting DIAS is curated from a desire to explore the dynamics between digital art and reality. What happens when art is in the midst of reality? What happens when a non-place (a station is normally just a place you move through) is transformed into an interactive art space? – Can art create a breeding ground for an alternative understanding of an “everyday space”?



Aram Bartholl (de)

Patrick Bergeron (ca)

Jesper Carlsen (dk)

A K Dolven (no)

Mogens Jacobsen (dk)

Wayne Siegel (us/dk)

Rolf Steensig (dk)

Chris Sugrue (us)

Jacob Tækker (dk)

Kassandra Wellendorf (dk)