The fairytale





Once upon a time, there was a little electrical machine that turned out to be of great importance. It was created as a flashy element at a festivity in London and to great amusement for the gawping guests – what they did not know was how much it would come to mean for mankinds.

                      The little electrical machine was soon beloved by all the people, and with some help from the curious people it did not only grow in the matter of size, but also of importance. The little electrical machine was able to create movement, which made it possible to share and create communities across large distances. But one day, something strange happened. The little electrical machine, that was actually big and powerful now, started shrinking. It shrank and shrank until it was so tiny that the people barely noticed it. Not even though it was in everyone’s home, at their workplace and in their pocket every single day. Despite its new size, it was now smarter and wiser than it had ever been. It offered new options for movement, communities and sharing of knowledge, and thus bewitched people like never before.

                        But hey! Suddenly the people started wondering about the power and strengths of the machine. They turned it and turned it, and examined every little inch in the search of an answer. Some of the people were artists, and they established six different bases where other curious people could gather to examine how people were spellbound by the machine in both body and mind. The artists encouraged people to engage in communities, and move in new ways contingent on the possibilities of the machine. The new knowledge was to be distributed all over the world so that other curious people could explore the machine. And who knows, maybe they are still there waiting for you. You might be the last piece in the big puzzle of the little machine’s eternal story.