Copy of Vestegnens Kulturuge

Christian Hansen, Kajakmanden, 2015

Christian Hansen, Kajakmanden, 2015

Vestegnens Kulturuge Zone 44/55

From 07.09 – 13.09.15
Christian Hansen


During Vestegnens Kulturuge DIAS is visited by the artist Christian Hansen (b. 1982) in the exhibition ‘Zone 44/55’. The pieces are a mix of old and new, created for the occasion. They deal with the concept of a place as a point of departure for a persons life. Christian Hansen is born and raised in Vallensbæk and has attended art academies in  Rotterdam og New York.

Besides the exhibition at the station, he digs deep into Vestegnen in the talk ‘Hvis du boede her, var du hjemme nu’, which will be performed live at the opening on 07.09, kl. 17-19 i Vallensbæk Kultur- og Borgerhus, and is exhibited until the 13th same place.