Copy of Videoextravaganza #2 – another thought, think again

SUPERFLEX,  Flooded McDonald's, 2009

SUPERFLEX,  Flooded McDonald's, 2009

Videoextravaganza #2 – another thought, think again

From 30.10 – 23.11.14
Information-overload is a condition today. No matter where we turn, new information awaits. A tremendous number of information channels are feeding our everyday lives. The result is potentially new knowledge and insight, but often the overload means that information is merged into a buzz, where everything has the same meaning. That, we find ourselves in a situation, in which the world looks the same no matter what our channels are reporting. The question is: Could the information be transformed into new ways of seeing the world or are we stuck in a pre-programed limbo?
“Another thought – think again” explores different ways of seeing the world. The exhibition challenge our habitual thinking and thus frame a study of the reality, our conception of reality and the our “fixed truths” – for example in relation to themes such as sustainability, mental processes, political events, reality, perception of brands and economic systems.

The exhibition contains a critical angle in relation to our tendency to prefer the well-known, but also in relation to our mental “automatic pilot”.



Sidse Carstens (dk)

Søren Thilo Funder (dk)

Albert Merino (es)

Ciprian Muresan (ro)

Cristina Picchi (it)


Gabriela Vanga (ro)