DIAS - digital art in public space

 Brian House: Urban Intonation, 2017

Brian House: Urban Intonation, 2017

Accoustic Infrastructures

Listen up!
DIAS and Eyebeam in an exiting co-lab! You can experience the exhibition Acoustic Infrastructures, in unexpected places all over Denmark.
DIAS has digital art in public spaces as a special focus, which we are known for internationally. Eyebeam, based in New York, is the premier institution of sound art. In the exhibition we went together to explore the public space through sound. With the exhibition, we want to use the art to tear ourselves out of everyday life in places and contexts that you usually do not meet the arts.
The city is characterized by sound. You meet audio in the supermarket, in the elevator, in public transport, mobile phones and music systems - it's an integral part of the city's wallpaper. The city's sound is both created by living life, but also largely by sound systems that address us with messages and information. Rarely we ask the question of who is addressing us. Throughout the exhibition, public audio systems is getting infiltrated and hopefully people will stop for a while and listen.
Art brings new angles and gives new attention to the sound and creates room for reflection.  Of the individual work that is exhibited, but also over the sound image that surrounds us daily. The art moves out of the museum and galleries and into the lived life.
The exhibition is shown in New York and now in Denmark.
Participating artists:
More Asher (is), Brian House (us), Ursula Nistrup (dk), Christian Skjødt (dk) and Mikkel Meyer (dk)

 Oskar Koliander, The Nereids, 2017   

Oskar Koliander, The Nereids, 2017


DIAS X CPH Light Festival

DIAS exhibits digital art in Jorcks Passage. Come by and make the interactive piece light up. 

Digital street art at DIAS

Digital street art is spreading through the European capitals! Estonia was detached from Russia in 1917, and in the course of the 100th anniversary of their independence, they have taken over the presidency of the EU. The Estonian artist Lõngus has launched a time travel that runs across Europe and ties the European capitals together. Maali, the woman in the picture, is from one of Estonia's first photographies. Now she wakes up again, 100 years after the picture is taken.


Download the app (Re) Start Reality and visit DIAS where you can wake the image to live. In the app, you can also explore the stories about the different motifs and see how the works adorn the other capitals of Europe.

 Adel Abidin, Michael, 2015. Still. Courtesy Lawrie Shabibi and the artist

Adel Abidin, Michael, 2015. Still. Courtesy Lawrie Shabibi and the artist


DIAS & Arken co-lab

Stage 2 in the collaboration between DIAS and Arken is the exhibition My Music.
The exhibition unfolds right now in the halls of Arken (October 7 - March 25) and as a pop-up in Rødovre Centrum (September 28- November 6).


Art and music will merge at DIAS between December 1 and January 12.


New work by SUPERFLEX commissioned by DIAS


SUPERFLEX is now showing a brand new piece at Vallensbæk Station. The work ‘Den Grønne Ø i det Røde Hav’ (‘The Green Island in the Red Ocean’) is a narrative story based on Vallensbæk, and deals with a fictional strategy about robot’s rights that SUPERFLEX imagines was set afloat by Vallensbæk Municipality back in the 1960’s. 

The premise of this exhibition is thus to look into the future by looking back into the past. 


The exhibition is part of ‘The Machinery Series’ that has the machine as its focus of attention. In this work, by making us reflect upon the robots inhabiting the planet and the rights for those to come.