Copy of YETI-TV a bouquet of pixels

Fred Sapey-Triomphe,  YETI TV , 2016

Fred Sapey-Triomphe, YETI TV , 2016

YETI-TV – a bouquet of pixels

Fra den 28.01 – 28.03.16
Fred Sapey-Triomphe

Lights, action – pingpongball!

The French artist Fred Sapey-Triomphe illuminates DIAS from the end of January to late March 2016. With his  large panels of LED-lights and pingpongballs, Sapey-Triomphe turns Vallensbæk Station into a broadcasting central for the YETI-TV, and in shifting colors and images transforms  a public space to a bouquet of pixels.

Pictures are dots

We don’t think about every day, but our digital images are created of thousands of colored dots. That is how the old picture tube TV functioned and flat screen TV works in the same way. This fact is point of departure for the unique installation of Fred Sapey-Triomphe.

The ping-pong balls come alive

The artist has created a number of impressive screens by rolling technology backwards. Contrary to our love for high-res and sharp images, Fred Sapey-Triomphe goes in the opposite direction: his screens are ultra low-res. His screens are rough and not made by high-res elements. The screens consists simply of  LED-lights and ping-pong balls. The balls are the colored dots, creating moving images.